samedi 29 janvier 2011

Random english stuff with bad grammar

Holding the mic like a sword
Swift moves, sharp words
Ask those who tried to dodge my blade
Striking again and again till their heartbeat fades
Better be scared, be afraid
Rumor has it mate, stuff has been said
Better lay low, here comes another blow
So fast, the steel in your ear whistles
So sharp, the hair at the back of your neck tickles
So smooth, it cuts through your skin as it would through a pickle
Many got killed by my hand on the battlefield
So skilled you won’t see it coming
Blood from my blade is dripping, I ain’t tripping
Can’t you hear them ? they’re crying, shouting
They want their life back, they’re begging
You picked the wrong fight, now you’re dying

Screwed over and over again, just look what power does to a man
Shutting your conscience up, smacking up the little angel on your shoulder
Rolling down a slippery slope like a boulder
Sending your former friends to war as cannon fodder
You wanted to rule the whole world ? then mark my words, it will soon be over
As money builds up, so does the anger of people you ripped off to make your life better
You’re alone at the top, staring down at everyone
It’s time for it to stop, you’re not fooling anyone

Sometimes you never know when, it all goes wrong
When you think it’s as bad as it’s gonna get, it just gets worst
Feels like the whole world letting you down, but you’re not the first
One to feel like your head is about to burst
So you feel bad, so what ?
Everyone breaks down, from time to time.
The only thing you wanna do is just drink another round
But all you need is some good sound.
Open your ears, open your eyes, open your mind
Keep them open, keep hopin’, pick yourself up,
Get up, get yourself together, what the fuck ?
Forget ‘bout your problems, you’re gonna drown
You don’t have any money well you don’t need any.
Look around look up but don’t look down.
Sad times, times of sorrow, you feel hollow
Better times will follow.
keep hopin’, pick yourself up,
Get up, get yourself together, what the fuck ?
Sweet times, sunshine, let there be light, don’t you stand in the dark
Solutions, they will come, come on.
Get that fucking weight off your shoulders.
Then you’ll see, you’ll feel lighter than ever.
Calm down, breathe, again and again and again.
What you need is nice fresh air. Feel the pain,
It’s not there, it’s gone, there’s none, not anymore
Breathe some more, like before.
Again and again and again. Stop.
Ok you’re ready, steady, you won’t take no shit from nobody.
Let’s party. Life’s easy so don’t worry, be happy…. Tu dudu dudududu

That’s some toastin’ material, serial killer stuff that’ll get you all, dancin’ up on the table
Good for your soul, it’s gonna catch you by your balls and make you jump all over the dance hall, that’s no bullshit, feel it, you just can’t quit movin’, groovin’, shake it, so sweet, dancin’ to the beat. It’s not about politics, economic stuff and all that boring shit.
This, my man, is all about music.

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